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V-trainer auction reminder :3

Ending in under 24 hours :3

~I was thinking maybe close to the end of August we should do a california beach meet-up :3 have a picnic,take pictures for the contest,go swimmingg,etc.

Maybe have a poll of which beach will be easiest to get to perhaps -waggle-

I thought about six flags since 15+ people gets tickets for 28(I can possibly get tickets for 20,but I don't really trust my brother xD.
),but I don't really know how many would want to come and would want to ride the rollercoasters ;3;.

*a question that's not really pokemon related lolol
I picked up a bunch of 2006 movie doraemon plush with my lot of pokemon plush and I don't really know what to do with it,is there like a middleman that can sell it on YJ for me XD;.
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