I am a writer of fictions (ravestars85) wrote in pkmncollectors,
I am a writer of fictions

Update to collection and some clearance sales!

This was good week in Pokemon. I got some new plushies, including my Holy Grail. Pictures and more are under the cut!
Photobucket My favorite flaming fire chicken! I've been wanting this little guy since I first laid eyes on him. When I finally saw one get listed, I was super happy! I can't believe I shelled 50 bucks out for him though, but he was worth it! I love him! I also got a set of the three DP starter Pokedolls, and I want to give one of them a new home.
I'm not a huge Chimchar fan, and I know others will like the fire monkey more than me. He's kinda stupid, and doesn't like to sit up. I'll sell him for 8.00 plus shipping.

I also have a 25 cent card clearance sale going on! I'm trying to recoup for my Blaziken purchase, so I have these for sale, all at 25 cents each. The only ones that aren't 25 cents are the japanese cards, which are 2.00 each.


Shipping on the chimchar will be 3.00 to the US and Canada, and 4.00 to the rest of the world, and shipping on the cards will be 1.00 to the US, and 1.50 anywhere else. Minimum purchase on cards is 1.00. Thanks for looking!
Tags: blaziken, cards, chimchar, sales
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