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Darkrai Event and Poke Goods

First off, whomever bought from me before yesterday, your stuff has been shipped out as of Friday afternoon. Those of you who paid for your stuff yesterday or who plan on doing so in the near future, your stuff will be shipped out next week.

That being said, it's time to stop talking business and get to the good stuff. :)

I went to the TRU Darkrai event today with my sis and
 . Details are under the cut, plus a pic of my new Ladylegs! <3 I wish we had the option to give them nicknames! ;_; It woulda been SO fun to see all the different nicknames you guys would come up with. ^_^

We made it to the TRU an hour and a half early thinking it was gonna be packed with people. Truth be told... we were the first ones there. ^^;; So we all just hung around and played with the toys for the time being.

Around 11:30, only a few other people came, so the TRU staff decided to start the event early. I admit, I was/still am a little upset that we didn't get to do what the Japanese did for their Darkrai. I wanted to get the ticket, go to that motel, have a bad dream, wake up on New Moon Island, then CATCH Darkrai! Just having him given to you seems like a jip. =/ I'm happy to have him, don't get me wrong. I just like the thrill of CATCHING my Pokemon, ya know?

Anyway, here's a pic of my new Darkrai:

I like the new ball. Very cool! I forgot to take a pic of his nature, since that's what will make all Darkrai stand out from one another. Mine has a serious nature and is mischievous. I think those characteristics suit Darkrai, don't ya think? ^_^ Thusly, his Def. and Sp. Def kinda lack while his other stats are very high. It'll be fun EV training this guy! :3 I also can't wait to try him out on Pokemon Revolution! ^__^

Anyhoo, a little later, I went to Japan Video Games to see what they had to offer. I got a few really awesome TOMY figures for only $2.99 each! ^__^ Here they are:

Eeepp~!! <333 I was mainly going for Groudon, but wow! I LOVE~~ the stance Lugia is in! <3 It's so unique and graceful! These are from the 2007 series. Groudon came from a different 2007 set, though. If anyone is interested in this Lugia, they have some more. They probably won't be $2.99 anymore, though. The guy working there said he'd give these to me for the price I saw them for in their ebay store. Hence why I snatched Jolteon and Lugia once he mentioned that little tid bit. ^_~ More than likely, he won't be able to do that for me again. Normally, they're $4.99, which is why I was shocked when he gave them to me cheaper.

Along with another TOMY I bought a few weeks ago are a couple of items I got in the mail today.

I got the Mawhile TOMY a few weeks ago. I'm not a huge Mawhile collector, but I've always been oddly fond of it. Ever since her first appearance in R/S, I've just adored her. It was like love at first sight, I guess. :3 She's so cute... even with that massive jaw. The adorable as all hell Groudon figures are all thanks to sui_kune! Thank you so much! My Groudon collection continues to grow! <3

I will have an updated Pika collection soon! o^_^o I'm getting quite a few plush and items in the mail soon. Once I do, it will be a Pika-palooza! ^__^ As a preview, I was able to snatch the Pika DX plush yesterday! <3 I was thrilled beyond all reason because Anime Jungle had run out really fast, so I thought I'd never see it again for a good price. Then the lady at the booth (of which I will be a new employee ^____^) had one more left, so I snatched it! Yay!

Also, it's so rare to find decent people selling on ebay. I messaged the person that sold me the last big lot asking about my shipping status and she responded back with a really honest and quite unfortunate story. =/ Here's what happened to her in her exact words:
"Yes, this stuff has been mailed. Total nightmare on my end. I shipped it at our local post office. Thought everything was fine. When I went back in three days later to ship another bag, they told me they were holding my box till I came back. They informed me that my box was 1 inch too tall and big around to ship at that post office. So the next day I drove it 45 minutes to the next nearest post office and mailed it. I had to redo the postage, which I am fighting this one. Because total, both shipments, I have paid 32.00. Crazy! Please let me know when you get it. It is in a big box, because I did not want to smash their cute little faces. Have a great weekend! God Bless You! And again, please let me know as soon as you get them."

Why would post offices do that to someone? >< Seriously, wouldn't they tell her on the spot that her package was too big? o_O What an awful ordeal...
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