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first i decided to make this sales post to make money for worlds merch but then skyrim went on sale for $30 on steam and i could always use more copies of that game

cards and an entei TFG

i got sales permission fourscore and seven years ago or something

i ship from canadaland
shipping starts at $2 for flats, $6 for non-flat
shipping might be delayed but they will be sent within two weeks
no trades unless you have a magical nido item i need or the shiny emboar card maybe? or the comic-con avatar poster hurrhurr

all cards below are $0.25

all below here are $0.50

all below are $1 (hoothoot and noctowl are holo)

all below are individually priced

machamp, feraligatr $2
terrakion $3
arcanine $1
growlithe $0.50
drapion $3

raikou ex $10
legend $3

taking offers starting from $8. shipping will be $6!

thank you and that is all

Tags: cards, entei
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