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Gets, collection, Wants and auction

Hi guys. Long time no post. Just a little update post because I freaked out with my latest get ^_^

The Waza Museum Zebstrika ^_^
After the donny9 issue I was really worried with how I was going to get this, but a few of you helped me and pointed out that Play-Asia sell them, so I had to get one. Am so happy with it and its so pretty <3

Here are my latest gets since my last post. Not very much, but still waiting on some things. I got the Electric types cloth from SunnyShore, Waza Strika figure and the Fire Types Tshirt from TheYetee, which was linked on here a while ago. Its the first red tshirt Ive bought in years and I love it! BTW Water types shirt is now available form the artist who did this one. 

Now for a collection update, since I sold majority of my non team pokemon merch on eBay. 
>.< I always forget to take photos of my Reshirams, will update with a photo later for you guys.

First my Lightning Zebra collection, which I am making sure I stay up to date on. Only one Strika thing is missing which I will add on my wants list. Im after a few Blitzle plushies too.

Next shelf is now where I moved my Ash and Growlithe/Arcanine collections, as I'm slowly halting these guys as theyre so hard for me to get v.v I cant afford to chase after Arcanine merch anymore.

Final Shelf is the rest of my team... but its changed. I've swapped the houndooms for Liepards. My Mini Me now has my doom collection as theyre her fave pokemon. The Lugia and Raichu are in there because I like them, but thinking of giving up the Lugia. Raichu stays. I need to tidy this shelf really, is a bit of a mess. 

Now for a small wants list:
I am currently after 2 things right now
-LIEPARD ONLY pokecen charm - will trade Shinx and Luxio charms for it if you want

-And a hard to find one but its the one thing I need for my Strika collection to be complete until more Merch is out

I want it so bad @.@

And finally here a preview of the upcomming lot I am putting on eBay in the next few days

-2 Ash Settei
-3 large posters (1 official GAME promo poster for B&W)
- Giratina movie poster card
- jakks shinx plush
-jakks shinx figure
-sitting Shinx canvas plush
-Shinx kid
-Giratina marble
-EU candy pokeball case
-Charizard cloth

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