Nicholas "Nik" Brown (soulsilver_iv) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Nicholas "Nik" Brown

Snivy Weeding Sales

Hello everyone! My Snivy collection seems to have gotten a bit out of hand, and as a poor uni student that means sales time! I have a few bits to offer to you today, so hit the cut after the teaser for full details!

A couple of notes before we begin:

* I originally got sales permission some time in 2009 from denkimouse. I think... xD
* My feedback can be found here: New system, old system, ancient, creaky, dusty system.
* All items are being shipped from the UK, and I post worldwide.
* I accept PayPal as my only payment. Prices are all in US Dollars ($).
* Prices don't include P&P fees. If you need, ask for a quite before agreeing to buy!
* I normally ship via standard 1st Class (UK) or Airmail (Worldwide). Please ask if you need insurance/tracking!
* I normally ship within 3-5 days of payment.
* I may be open to haggling, so feel free to ask!
* I can hold items for up to 48 hours, after which they will go back up for sale.

***Click on all images to see supersize versions!!!***

Snivy Banpresto plushies. These are both in very good/mint condition, and are both still tagged. That's a AA battery in the middle to give you an idea on size.

Large Snivy - $60
Shiny Snivy - $40

Snivy/Tsutarja T shirt. It's a small, but just about fits me (I'm a 5'6" guy). It's in very good, clean condition, only been worn a few times. Labels, no tags.

T Shirt - SOLD

More Snivy plushies. Again, these are all made by Banpresto, are all in very good/mint condition, complete with tags. Again, AA battery for size references.

Medium Snivy (Left) - $8
Medium Snivy (Centre) - $12
Large Snivy (Right) - $25
Small Snivy (Front) - $5 (ON HOLD)

A Snivy keyring, and a Snivy Tomy. The keyring is made of a squishy foam (like a stress ball, maybe?) and the Tomy is mint in packet.

Keyring - $3
Tomy - $5

Reshiram DX Kid. I have no idea how I acquired this guy. Still completely sealed in his box, never been opened.

Reshiram DX - $7

Thanks for looking guys!!!
Tags: banpresto, kids, reshiram, snivy, tomy
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