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Most awesome picture ever, Pikabug updates, questions!

I don't post often, so when I do, they tend to be long and multipurpose. XD Sorry guys! Under the cut is the MOST AWESOME PICTURE EVER! Has to do with Pikabug, and Brock and James! And other Pikabug updates.

Me, Pika 3, and Eric Stuart (original voice of Brock and James, and several Pokemon) at Chiisaicon, 2012 in Shepherdsville, KY. AHHH! You guys have no idea how much I was freaking out. I'm very shy and quiet in person, and it took every bit of courage to ask if he'd be willing to take a picture with my Pikachu car, when he said yes, I wasn't really certain how to react. Eric is into cars, so he really liked the Pikabug, and walked around looking at it for several minutes. I know people are looking at my ears and going wtf, they're "Necomimi", Japanese cat ears controlled by brain waves! That's why the black thing on my forehead. When I relax, they go flat. When I'm focused or excited, they perk up and wiggle. And they REALLY WORK. They kept going crazy when I was talking to Eric, which was very funny and a little embarassing. Like EARS, SHUT UP! Anyway, I'm having someone make me Pikachu ears to replace the white ones, so then I'll have wiggling Pika ears. PFFFT yeah, going to wear those while going down the road in Pikabug. I'm just awesome that way.

Pikabug updates! Sorry, I still don't have ears or a tail. :( I have been dumping all my money into you guys paypal, and haven't saved much of anything. I'm going to have to do a self imposed buying ban. Anyway, I have made some minor progress -

Notice anything different?

New hubcaps! I finally replaced those hideous chrome things the dealership had stuck on there. These are exactly like what Pika 3 had when Nintendo owned it, except I got some with the yellow VW logo, because it was too adorable to resist! I love how they look. And they aren't chrome, ugh. -_- The other Pikabug update is barely worth mentioning, there's a light in the drivers door that is broken and hanging out by a wire, and I ordered the replacement for it. Yeah, not really worth mentioning. I also found a new VW emblem to replace the one in the nose, which is starting to peel, but I just bought stuff on here, so I couldn't afford it. Stop it guys, stop selling Pikachu stuff that you know I have to buy!

So, that's pretty much it for Pikabug updates. I have been getting a ton of cool stuff in the mail, but it's all mixed in with the rest of my collection, and I'm too lazy to go through and take pictures. I have gotten more shelves up, so I swear I'll do a real collection post eventually. For those really curious, I have a lot of collection pictures HERE but it's maybe a 10th of my total collection, I just pretty much gave up on taking pictures. Yeah.

Finally, a question! I'd like to know if there's any Brock and James merch besides the Jakks and Tomy figures, dome figures, and stickers (which I have way to many of). I'm mostly interested in Brock. I love the human merch, and there simply isn't enough of it!

While I'm on the line of human merch - the statue/figure of Ash and Pikachu, has it been released yet? There was also one of Cilan and Pansage, I think. I MUST HAVE the Ash and Pikachu one, but I need to know if it's out, and how much it goes for.

Thanks guys!
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