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poke doll sales - collection weeding

Hello, hello!

I come with some Poke Doll sales! I am a bit tight on money, so I've selected a few things carefully to put up for sale. It's hard for me to let go of these guys, but I would really love to give them a better home. ;_;

Quick policies!
- I ship from Massachusetts, USA. I will ship internationally.
- No trades right now unless you have any Terrakion/Glaceon items of equal value.
- I can haggle, but I'm very reluctant to since these guys are quite special to me.
- I can hold for 48 hours.

Piplup [American] - Mint; tag is detached but will include - $20
Rotom [Japanese] - Mint;  tag is detached but will include - $30
Riolu [American] - Excellent, fur doesn't seem too soft, but I'm not sure if that's just because of the type of fabric. Tag detached but will be included. - $17
Gizamimi Pichu [American] - MWT - $20

You can, of course, combine these with anything from my main sales!

Thanks, guys!
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