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Lucky me! Lucky you!

I happened to hit Mitsuwa just as they were stocking kids. I got THREE Leafeons. Oh yeah. Plus some Eeveelution POP promos and a few more things..

I take paypal and concelled cash (at your own risk)
Flat items cost 1.00 to ship in the US, 1.50 outside US
Shipping on non-flats is based on what you're buying and where it's going.

Stuff. Yes. Oh and the weird card, I have no idea what show it's from. It's a Coro Coro promo I got with my manga today. If anyone feels like it, I can get a better picture. But I doubt it.

Two sets of these guys.
One Whole set: 11 dollars
Individuals: 4 each.

This is basically a DS game sized carrying case. I got it in my Coro Coro I bought today (along with the movie 11 manga muhaha). Don't know if anyone wants it, it holds 4 DS games and an Advance game. It's only 2.50. SOLD

To the main event yes! All of them have their boxes and stickers still. Leafeons and Palkia are brand new, never out of the plastic, I only opened the boxes to check for clears.
Leafeon x 2: 5 dollars each
Palkia: 3 dollarsON HOLD
Defense Deoyxs Applause: 3 dollarsSOLD
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