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Epcot Pick-Up || Pick-Up Results and Merch Pics! Also Gets!

Hey there, all! I'm back from Florida and I've got a huge update for you guys!

Of course, it's about...

First off, I must tell you that it was a huge success... even though I got there to Mitsukoshi a bit later than I had originally planned! Everyone that asked for a Metagross got one - I was surprised by the fact that they actually restocked them while I was there! - and I was able to successfully pick up mostly everything in one trip! The Japanese cashiers were so helpful with me and very friendly; they even held the other three full baskets as I finished picking up your plush! I had to give them a huge domo arigatou by the time everything was through!

Unfortunately, there were a few pokedolls that were out of stock. I couldn't find any Cyndaquils, Snorlaxes, Mews, Arceus [...how would I make that plural?] or Eeveelus [even if it was just Jolteons] there, so only the following were affected:

Updated 7/18/12 - all refunds sent out!

lisul: I couldn't get Cyndaquil, so expect a full refund within the next day or two. Refund sent!
furaipan, themessyness & eeveelutiongirl: Either one or two plush that were asked for weren't available, so a partial refund will be on the way in a day or two. Refunds sent!
know: I couldn't find Foongus either, so a full refund will be on the way in a day or two. Refund sent!


And since I do love pictures... I got camera-happy while I was there, so have a look at the recent Pokemon stuff at Mitsukoshi!

The new window set-up from the outside...

and then the inside! Yep, those are DX Pokedolls, Large Plush and BW backpacks!

Poke-Tees - they had a bunch, including some I hadn't seen! Several shirts were Pika-related, but the final evos of the Unova starters and solo shirts of Suicune, Entei and Raikou caught my eye too.

Pokedolls, both the old... [I think I'm missing a picture of the Darkrai/Chikorita shelf... I'll have to check my camera! D8]

...and the new!

Keychains and figures...

...and manga and DVDs! [I saw a few new BW books, Viz's re-release of the PokeSpe manga - even of DPPt and BW - the DPA! box set. The only DVD I saw was the Arceus dub. Sorry the pic is so terrible...]

Sorry I wasn't able to take any more pictures of some of the more detailed items like the shirts and books - our group wasn't able to go back to Epcot the next day because of a tight schedule on our last full day in Orlando.

However, I am working on an updated stock and price list for those interested in going to Mitsukoshi or planning on doing their own pick-up in the future, though there's no guarantees that what I mention will be available when you go there - . I did see a lot of new things that I hadn't seen before, so it was worth the shot!

I also couldn't help myself, so I had to grab some things as a reward. My wallet was weeping though... I would have gotten more, but darn the limited space in my second bag!

Also, I couldn't say no to the Victini shirt! I haven't seen it before, and I was in a Victini mood at the time...

Victini's info on the top part of the back. It's so hard to see... I think I snapped this shot about ten times before I got the right light.


To all in the pick-up: A second payment post will be up sometime next week, depending on how quickly I recover from this week's walking and get to the post office to weigh everything. It shouldn't be any later than Tuesday for the final payment post, so look out for it around then!

For now, you'll have to make do with photos! I am not kidding - they are all in there!

misseveyg: Suicune was picked up in Cyndaquil's place. All the others were present!

eeveelutiongirl: Mew, Arceus and Snorlax weren't there, but I was able to get Munchlax, your backup, in place of one! Most of the others were there and picked up!

raikou_chan: Got your Metagross and his grumpy self!

theevilpotato: Got your Giratina!

gallade007: Success!

mcflury10: I think your Gigas was the first thing I snagged!

zombiecarousel: Got your Lapras! Now if only you could ride it on the seas...

Also, it faceplants!

themessyness: Mew was the only one missing, but the others were there!

torrid_phoenix: I'm sorry your Cyndaquil was out of stock... but luckily, you're getting a Metagross instead!

silverhawk33: I got your cheering squad, cute and perfect!

furaipan69: Arceus was the only one not there. All the others are perfect though!

danielsard2: Skymin is here and accounted for!

mildgroove: Got your Metagross!

typhera: Since there wasn't any Cyndaquils, you got a Suicune to go with your Metagross!

orangey_blue: Woobat's so darn fuzzy~!

tayran: I got one grumpy Groudon for you!


Thanks for reading and looking - until next time!

- Juuchan [bandanna_boy_17]
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