moltres93 (moltres93) wrote in pkmncollectors,

What's this? Plus Moltres wants

So, I was on my regular Moltres hunt when I came across this on a Korean site:

Here is a link to the page I found it on.

Anyone know what they are? All I know is that they were in the figures category. The description is an image so Google couldn't translate it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Also, here are some Moltres wants that I have been searching out for the longest time. If you have any of these for sale or have any info leading to where I can buy them, I will love you forever and/or throw money at you.

 Plastic pog?

 Rare lotto keychain (grail)

 Calendar page

 Metal top?

 Amada sticker

I am also desperately looking for many colour variations of dice, rollers, mini-modles and metal figures that I need to complete my collections, see under the cut for which ones I need...

Moltres mini-models in these colours:

Moltres rollers in these colours:

Moltres marbles in these colours:

Moltres metal figures in these colours:

Moltres dice in these colours/styles:

You can see the rest of my Moltres wants here. Thanks for reading!
Tags: moltres, wanted
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