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Zukan GA #2 (All Threads are Up, Start Bidding, Each Start at $5)

Hello Pkmncollectors, I found a really great GA that I would love to share with the community.

There are many rare zukan in this lot, and I'm pretty sure that we will have a lot of competition. I will be claiming the flygon and magikarp zukans for $85, and possibly bidding on one or two zukan. I am willing to raise my bid if we are in dire need. Bid at your own risk. Some of the zukan appear to be in used condition. The only visual reference we have is the pic that I included in this post.

Each Zukan starts at $5


  • I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 3/02/12
  • Here is my feedback:
  • All Community Rules Apply:
  • Feedback will be given to you once the transaction has been cleared on both ends. Meaning you received the package, and I received the payment
  • I accept payment only through Paypal, and in USD
  • Shipping Rates will be around $3-4 for people living in the United States, please note that these rates can change based upon where you live, or the size of the package
  • I am willing to ship internationally, but please be patient with me because I do not know the rates for every country. I'll make visits to my post office to get quotes, or call them.
  • I am not responsible for any lost packages
  • I have the right to refuse service based upon negative feedback etc. 
  • I ship from California
  • I live in a house with two dogs, but they don't go in my room, which is where all my plush are located.
  • The days I plan to ship is either Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. It will be shipped out within a week, or two from the day I receive payment. I will make an effort to get them shipped out sooner. 
  • Bid on your own risk

Here is the sellers description

Thank you for visiting. To prevent trouble, please have a look at the last minute. 

Color shift due to aging, also available a small wound. 

I checked, there might be differences between Paul and stockout etc.

There were also figures that distorts the wing. 

Other, when overlooked, please forgive me. 

Is the last in the Middle Ages. Planted for your understanding, so you can Bid, I hope.

All Threads Are Up, and Thank You for reading this post.

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