Darcy Fremd (papaiyacoffee) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Darcy Fremd

Big shipping update! :D

So I have shipped all the packages except the Victini plush to rax. Sorry, I forgot to put the address on there until I was at the post office... It'll be sent tomorrow or Wednesday. c:

As for all other things, I have shipped out:

Wailord Pokemon time plush - rally274
Flareon Canvas - leafiarose
Oshawott Jakks - melissar1
Charmander Jakks figure - mitgas
Magikarp Jakks figure - lapopearmadillo
Munna Jakks - white_chocobo
DX Chatot Pokedoll - havvaiibabe
DX Chimchar Pokedoll - sugarcoated
Metal Chimchar coin - nokusum
Metal Rotom coin - tomokii

If you want the tracking number (Only inside the US ;o;) or a photo of the proof it sent let me know. Otherwise, They are all expected I believe within the week. c:

Thanks again everyone! And I'm glad to be almost caught up with my dues. :)

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