neeko48 (neeko48) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Alderwood kiosk update + photostory

Hi guys :) So I went to Alderwood mall to check on the kiosk situation, and it's definitely gone. But I asked the security guard (who apparently is the walking information desk :D ) and he said that one of the people who worked there told him that they would probably be putting the vending machines back, just not manned ones. So that's a relief. Every time I went there, there weren't too many people and the workers were usually playing on their DS, so it's not too surprising.

And I've never done a photo story before and I got a rotom in the mail the day I was making cookies.

Cooking with TomTom!!!

I guess I should read the recipe...

Wait... I can't read...

Stirring with a spoon, stirring with a spoon, oh how I love stirring with a spoon!

Better spray it with PAM so they don't stick!

Man... it's hot in here... wish I could change form right about now...

Ooooooo... they look yummy! <3

Yep, I was right all along! :D

Sales plug! :D
Tags: rotom, sales
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