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Broken used Collection Update! It's super effective!

Sorta! Kind of! ... Not really!

I was going to make more jokes but livejournal derped on me and posted this WAY before I was done and I had to delete it BUT because I'm a genius I also didn't copy anything so now I'm not going to make any more jokes. :I

Before we start, all images can be made bigger by being dragged to your URL bar or tabs.

Ok let's start this update with these figures from killmeneko.

A torchic bottlecap, some neat little minimodels and a coin. I'm addicted to mini models can you tell. :I

The next item is not from this comm but rather from an anime convention a few weeks ago. If you follow me on tumblr, which you probably don't, you've already seen this.

Yes, this is a pink butterfree plush. I'm not too sure if it should go under a custom category or bootleg because it doesn't really claim to be an official item, but rather a hand made one, but they are produced in a fairly large scale as I've seen a few stands with this on two cons I've been to already. Let's go with custom bootleg for now, haha.

Here's the butterfree next to Tapi for size comparision. It's really cute actually, and I really like pink butterfree, so I don't really care that it's not an official item.

Wait this was meant for later why are all my images out of order. Oh well! This guy here I also got at a convention, this past week. Again, another handmade/bootleg item with no official version (in fact, if you grab two or more of them and compare, you'll see they all have small differences such as mouth and eyes placement). The guy at the stand was nice enough to let me pick between quite a few in his stock for the one with the best looking face. I'm very picky with faces on my plush, but I was ashamed to ask him, but I guess he noticed I was staring at the one on display a lot and figured it out, haha.

Here, have a side view.

Also from that convention, but a different stand. I don't collect Pikachu, but this one is just too precious to let it pass. And it had a decent price too, so I couldn't possibly resist!

That stand also had some bootleg items among their official ones though, so I was wondering if anyone could confirm with me if this is official or a bootleg? Here's a ton of photos so you can get a better look.

Even if it's a bootleg, I don't mind too much because it was a good price AND it looks so well made. I love that material! It's very soft, very cute, and I'm pleased with it, but I'm just a very curious person. =p

Amanda what are you doing you don't collect galvantula you only collect joltik, put that back.
Oops, too late.
Also from my trip to SP (where I went to that convention). They sell bootlegs AND official items at many of the places there so honestly idk if this is legit but I don't really collect galvantula anyway and it looks good enough to me. 8D

Chatot kids figure from the same store. I was happy to find a chatot in that pose, online I only seem to run into the one with the wing spread. Again, I can't be 100% sure that it's legit, but it looks good enough to me, haha. I'm a horrible person.

Ok enough with the convention stuff!

Charms from Sunyshore! Those two are both really adorable and I couldn't resist. >3>

Oops another bootleg with no official version. :I You guys have probably already seen this one on the comm, it's a dragonair plush. Mine had an accident in the post office and was squished to death, so she can't stand well on her own, haha. I'm hoping she'll regain some of that ability in time.

Here's a vaporeon charm from zannid. I already had Espeon so I was only missing this one! And eevee, but I don't care for it much.

Also from zannid, custom rubber stamps! I got a Caterpie and a Marina one~ They're both really well made, but I'm a little wary of using them because the ink that was used to test them has such a nice color that I don't wanna spoil it, haha. I'm a moron.

Pokemon Bug Type evolver from meeka_meerkat. This is so much fun to play with you guys have no idea.

Also what is this that I see? IT'S DIFFERENT ART FROM USUAL. I didn't know about this when I got this but now I'm incredibly happy that I did because LOOK AT IT. Have you ever seen Caterpie in this pose? I haven't! Different art pleases me.

I also got this little double sided card from them. Caterpie tail!

Also two cards and a puffy sticker.

Torchic stencil, also known as the hardest thing to photograph ever. From [Bad username: godudette"], this thing was on the mail FOR FOUR MONTHS. Good God. But hey, at least it arrived!

This was in the same package. See, this is such an old purchase that it's from before my rearrangement and so now Ho-oh is living in front of my tv because there's no room for it. :I

Another package that spent forever and a day on the way here. From usakochan. Again, Chikorita has no room for being displayed now. Neither does Phanpy actually because it's getting a bit crowded. Oops.

Oh and these were there too. A sandshrew metal figure (which is also not going to be displayed for a while, awww) and an eevee figure... Which I think is the Tomy keychain. Any guesses?

And now for what I think is the best part of this entire post. Are you prepared? You better be because I'm not going to wait for you to get prepared.

Wait. No that's not it. But this card came with it! I can't speak japanese to save my life! Does anyone know what this says? ._. I'm guessing it must be a "thank you for the purchase" kind of card. Either way, it's cute. And it has joltiks.

This is what I was talking about! My precious little baby. A joltik plush made by jaguchi, or 蛇口。 on pixiv. The maker of this plush doesn't use paypal and doesn't ship outside of Japan, so I had to ask Gin to middleman this for me... She was a total sweetheart and helped me get it. <3 The person also doesn't speak english so all our communication was done through Google Translate, haha. Can you imagine some of the amusing things that happened? Also customs claimed he was worth a lot more than he was and I had to pay a freakishly high tax to get him unless I wanted to either send him back to Gin or open a dispute that would take ages and that would have it sent back to SP where it could be damaged/lost/thrown around all day. So I paid it. =3=

Oh and here's a joltik belly. As you can see, it's cute and soft and has a pin sewn to it so I can pin little joltik to stuff like my backpack, my clothes, my bedsheets, my skin... Ok maybe not my skin. :I

Joltik and Tapi are good friends already~

And here he is next to the photo jaguchi had sent me when I was choosing which one I wanted. I thought it was cute.

Little Joltik needs a name. My mom has suggested Trouble (because of all the trouble I went through to get him), Happy (because I'm happy he's here xD), and Joey. :I My mom is not good with names. Ok now she walked back in my room and said I should name him Altair (because of Assassin's Creed, which she knows I like), so when I said I wouldn't name such an adorable baby after Altair (let's be honest, this Joltik is not badass enough and I'm not going to make Altair into an adorable little yellow spider. Poor Altair. xD) she said I should name him Will. Will Gardner. From The Good Wife. :I Because she likes The Good Wife.

So... Please someone suggest me a more appropriate name. xDDD

Ok, update done! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it!

Oh yeah and Viridian Forest is updated with these new items. Go look! And if you want to trade links, let me know, I'm always happy to trade links. Even when I'm moody!
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