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Waza Museum Figure GB is in + a Meme!

To the participants of the Waza Museum Figures GB (luxray83, tsutarjafan_18, and sugar0coated), these guys
Buy All the Figs!
are finally in!

I got oshawott from the lot, and some assembly is required.
Assembly Reuired
Oshawott, completed!
Oshawott Waza Museum Figure

It kinda surprised me that there is actually nothing tethering oshawott to the base. The figure is heavy enough that it's not gonna tip over, but still, that strikes mes as weird that there's no pegs or anything.

If you are a participant, please let me know if you want me to ship you the unopened box, or if I can take out your figure and flatten the box. If you want the box unopened, I would have to ship it in a box, otherwise I can flatten the box and ship it in a bubble mailer. Just let me know, and I will get you a shipping quote! (Also, if you plan to participate in the small plush GA held by nameless5555 and myself, just let me know and I can hold off shipping!)

Also, while I was cleaning/packing up my room in anticipation of moving to my first apartment next month, I found something in a pile of old papers:
In case you can't see because of the super fadeness, it's an old receipt from 2001 showing a purchase of a pokemon figure for $2 and pokemon jewelry(?) for 50 cents. Unfortunately, I don't remember what I bought (I was 8 back then, wow) but can you believe how cheap stuff was back then?

It reminded me of how long I've been into pokemon, and made me think of a question for you guys! What was your first pokemon item? When did you get it, and do you remember the circumstances that allowed you to acquire it?

I'm actually not sure what my first pokemon item was (was it the games? a vhs of the anime? some other thing?), but these are the first items I can clearly remember asking for and always held dear to my heart:
Accessory Network Pokemon Keychains
Accessory Network Pokemon zipper pulls from 1999/2000.
Now, these guys aren't particularly rare, or worth all that much, but when I was a kid, I usually only got toys on Christmas and my birthday. Getting them any other time of the year was rare, and they were either from a thrift store or from the clearance aisle. However, I was browsing an Avon catalog one day (I loved looking at all the pretty models in their makeup) and I saw these Pokemon zipper-pulls in the toy section. I remember going to my mom asking for pikachu and/or squirtle, anticipating that she would say no because it was an unnecessary expense. Not only did she say yes, but she surprised me with mew and charizard! It made me really happy, and I always kept these in a drawer with other "treasures" I had during my childhood when I wasn't hugging them/playing with mew's repositional tail.

Thank you for reading, and please share!
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