haybuddyy (haybuddyy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hello everyone~!

I've been without internet for a little, and I'm currently looking for some plush from the newest generation.

I recently just got a Nintendo 3DS, and Pokemon Black! (WOO.) Yes, I'm late on playing this game. x) Before, i wasn't really fond of the newer generation Pokemon; but now that I've become more familiarized with them, there's a couple plushes I'm looking to buy~

- Liepard
Does anyone know of a plush of him? On eBay, there are some 'fake' 5" (so small!) ones, as well as a 4" keychain plush. Does anyone have either one? Or perhaps there is a real one that I don't know about? I just don't want to buy from China, plush the wait is so long! >.<

- Zebstrika
Looking for a quick buy on this buddy. C:

- Archen
Also looking for a quick buy!

Thanks guys. ^__^
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