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Hello Everyone!

Lets just say I've been lurking about the sales posts that have been posted for the past week and a half or so. Never really made my official first post so here it is. (Plus I decided to take some pictures of my collection and post them.

First off a little about me. I'm a huge dragon fanatic, so I bet you can't guess what I collect. That's right Dragon or Dragon like pokemon and their previous evolutions <3 I have a few others that I collect but dragon pokemon are and will be my major goal to collect. I love to read, role play and do artsy stuff.

And Now for the pictures (sorry my hands are a bit shaky so some of the pictures aren't that good.

Dragon Figures (My poor Charizard, my sister broke his wings) and my Charmander Hat <3 (Charmander hat was not made by me)

Dragon Figures I made out of Clay a few years ago. The one that is laying down is horsea

Large Charizard Plushie who has taken Reign over my bed. He is much loved for I use him as a pillow XD

Dragon Pokemon I made out of Pearler Beads. Dragonite isn't Finished (his leg, tail and arm are missing beads... I ran out of golden Yellow beads. But still he's awesome all the same.

My TCG Cards and coins. I just recently started collecting these again. I've got so many TCG Cards, but I figured I should just show off my main collection ones.

If you ask me what my favorite dragon pokemon is...well Lets just say that is a hard one. I love Charizard, Zekrom, Reyquaza Dragonite Line, Deino the most. The others come in close second. Charizard would most likely be my all time favorite though. Since he was the first dragon like pokemon I was introduced too, plus his shiny form is epic. Red/Black Dragon = <3

Figures and other stuff. Combusken has a Blaziken marble

Pearler Bead Pokemon I made

Figures I made out of Clay. Umbreon!<3

I have a long list of pokemon I'm collecting.

Out of my Sub Collection. I would have to say my Favorite would either be Umbreon or Raikou.

Figures. Lots of them. Most were my sisters. That poor Happiny isn't so happy anymore. When my dog was a pup she got to her so Happiny has many puppy teeth marks around her.
Shroomish and Bonsly Marble there as well.

More Pealer beads Sprites. Bulba has a new home now though.

Clay Figures. I lost my Voltorb I made

This got a bit long, but I'm quite excited about making my first post to this community. I hope all of you will warmly welcome me and possibly make pleasant conversation.
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