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For sale: LOTTO PRIZES! + pickup reminder :D

Hey guys! I played the Ichiban Kuji Lotto today, and I have some good stuff up for sale/auction :)

The big bad White Kyurem Lotto figure came home with me! Alas, I wanted a Keldeo, so this big baby is up for auction.

...that's my computer chair. Someone give this guy a good home because it doesn't fit my teensy dorm room! :'D

Starts at 50$, thread here! Obviously MIB, haven't even touched it.
(please, keep in mind shipping won't be exactly cheap since the box is huuuge.)

It ends in 6 days. :)

♣ Sales permission granted on 06/7/11 by denkimouse.
♣ Haggling might be accepted, but don't be offended if I refuse.
♣ I have the right not to sell an item, with good reason.
♣ Paypal only, prices are in USD.
♣ Direct sales are final! Don't back out if you commit to purchase.
♣ I ship worldwide from Japan. Please inquire about shipping rates beforehand if you're worried.
♣ I am not responsible once the package is accepted at the post office!
♣ I will hold for a couple of days after you commit to purchase, but if you don't reply to me afterwards I'll have to leave negative feedback.
♣ Reasonable explanations for delayed payment COULD be accepted, but if you fail to meet the promised deadline more than once you'll be blacklisted and negative will be left. :(
♣ DO NOT DELETE OFFERS/BIDS/BINs. I will know, since I am getting comment notifications!
♣ I will absolutely need payment by August 1st, because I am leaving Japan soon afterwards.

Now, some more neat items for direct sale!

She's gorgeous! I had never personally cared about Meroetta before, but this plushie is lovely.
It'll be 30$. *SOLD!*

I'm borrowing the pic from denkimouse, hope that's alright!
I have available:
MIB picture!

KELDEO long towel on the left, 10$

Keldeo and Pikachu straps, absolutely adorable.
10$ each

Ceramic cup and small dish!
10$ each, 15$ for both.
(they come in very cute boxes!)

This can all be combined with my *last pickup*! Also, my permanent sales.

Reminder: my last pickup for the summer (since I'll be temporarily going back to my country in Aug/Sept) is set for the 23rd of July (items will be shipped around Aug 1st).
So if you want Pokecen items, head this way! Post needs some serious updating, but you know the jig - feel free to ask questions in that entry :)
Tags: keldeo, kyurem, pikachu, squirtle, white kyurem
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