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Super Quick Stamp GA update and SMJ horror story

Hi guys,

For those who participated in the super quick stamp GA (check here if you're not sure if that's you), I received my SMJ package, but it did not include our GA items. SMJ simply left them off in storage. So, they have not shipped yet. I have just requested shipping on them, so hopefully they should be here within a week or so. SMJ has waived the shipping cost, so this payment is free.

As anyone who was watching this post today knows, there was a big conflict today between myself and SMJ. Around the end of the day, Nick (the owner of SMJ) commented on this post in response to the exchange I had with who I assume is another SMJ employee. You can read his comments here and here, and I am leaving all of the emails up below the cut so that you can all evaluate this transaction on your own judgment.

What I will say is:
- I am still probably going to close my SMJ account.
- The person I interacted with over email was very unprofessional and had no sense of customer service, and I hope SMJ will not represent themselves this way in the future.
- Nick seems very kind and reasonable in the comments, so this is hopefully just one person and not all of SMJ that is behaving this way.
- There are a LOT of horror stories about SMJ in the comments, so other people have had this experience as well. However, other people have also expressed that they have never had problems with SMJ. So it is up to you to decide from the information whether you feel comfortable using them.
- allinia has written a beautiful recommendations for Noppin in the comments, which you can read here.

Without further ado, these are the emails.

SMJ Horror StoryCollapse )

Nick's first commentCollapse )

I felt this needed to be put out there, because SMJ is a big name middle man and many newer members may begin using them without knowing their reputation fully. Some members have had good experiences, and some members have not. Because Nick went out of his way to explain the situation to us, I felt that I should not present my own opinions outside of the substance of this interchange.

I am leaving all comments on this post up (unless a mod asks me to or decides to delete some) as well.
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