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Bell plush #2 and weird auction?

I was toying with the idea of making another bell plush of Mothim because I had many felt colors that would work for him, but I had to take a shopping trip to buy some black crushed velvet for the body and some other felt colors I didn't have first. And I present to you, the fruit of my idea!




Please excuse the attack of the blurmonster here; I took about five other photos of this and this one was the best I got. As you can see, this is my official Dragonair bell plush with my Mothim. Since he's a little bigger than my Dragonair, I really hope bell plushes come in different sizes, because if they don't, I feel I'll lose points for not looking enough like a bell plush. Also, I think I overdid the chibiness so he looks a bit more like a mini Pokedoll than a bell plush. But who knows, maybe this'll make me win...


Onoes, his antennae are all askew in this sideview! At least in real life I could smooth them out first.


Yayzors, backviews! For once, his floppy little wings and wingtips aren't crooked, so this is perhaps my favorite photo. As a bonus, his antennae tips look like little devil horns to me in real life. Mothim=Satan! XD

And all bell plush stuff aside, look at this! Well, at least they got the color right...

It's a Fakechu! It looks like he stole Jolteon's ears and also has a "third" cheek-his bellybutton. His eyes are designed to stare into your soul while you stand in awe of his blatant fakeness.
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