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Multipurpose Post - Questions & Wants

Good day everyone!

Recently I applied for sales permission so that I can sell items that I have weeded out of my collection. And once I get skilled enough, I would then like to offer up custom frame art and plush commission service! I have not gotten sales permission yet but I would like to understand what it takes to become a successful seller and custom artist!

Unown Questions

Some of my questions are:
  1. How should my PayPal account be set up?
    I currently have a personal account but I read that in order to accept credit card payments, it needs to be upgraded to a business account. From what I see on the PayPal website, the "basic" business account has no monthly fee (essentially "free") but will only have fees when I have transactions - is that right? Are there any other fees I should be aware of? And what is all of this about PayPal cracking down on "gift" payments?
  2. How do you estimate international shipping?
    Is it recommended that I buy myself a scale? Also I would love to be able to extend my market to include international customers, but with so much shipping cost variations between countries how do you go about estimating international shipping? Is there a website to help estimate costs?
  3. Do custom artists need to worry about copyright issues with Nintendo/Pokemon?
    Do custom artists worry about this, particularly since they are profiting off of characters created by Nintendo? How do you do custom work of Pokemon without infringing upon copyright? Is this done by OOAK plush pattern that is not mass produced, disclaimers about how Pokemon characters are property of Nintendo, etc.? Has anyone heard of a custom artist being sued by the parent company?  
  4. For custom artists, if you live in the US do you report your sales as part of your income tax?
    Technically, any sales where there is profit needs to be reported as taxable income right? What type of paperwork do you need to keep track of in order to report as part of your income tax? PayPal statements, receipts, etc.?

And this is a long shot, but does anyone have the following plushies they are looking to sell? Really wanting these lil guys!


Any help would be appreciated, thank you! <3
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