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Giant Posable Blugia Auction!

It's auction time again!  This time around I'm putting up what's in my opinion one of the most awesome bootlegs out there, the Giant Posable Blugia!

This plush was a bootleg made back in late 2009 after a very limited run contest prize plush.  He's huge as the pictures show, and his neck and arms are posable with wires.  He's incredibly soft and amazing quality.  I've gotten a lot of bootlegs in my time, but he's probably the nicest quality I've ever seen, to the point of being better quality than a good few of my offical plush haha.  Were it not for his blue hue, I'm not sure how you'd tell he's a bootleg.


This auction ends FRIDAY at 9PM Pacific Standard Time.

Only Paypal will be accepted as payment for this auction.

Feel free to ask any questions and let me know if you need/would like additional photos!

I am shipping from US, California, Auction winner agrees to pay shipping. 

Note: While this plush IS huge, he can fit comfortably into a box about the size of his body, which is how I received him.

Do NOT snipe, Bids made within the last 10 minutes will extend the auction another 10 minutes until the bidding is done to prevent sniping.

Do NOT bid if you do not intend to pay.  Non paying bidders as well as those who delete their bids will be met with negative feedback.

Tags: lugia
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