guppydoo (guppydoo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Vulpix plush questions!

Vulpix alone

Vulpix is another little fellow I really want to collect, and I've fallen in love with the Friends plush, and the canvas plush.

However, the canvas plush seems to vary greatly when it comes to it's price. What would you guys say is plausible? (I know there's more of a question of how much one is willing to pay, but still.)

And the friends plush, I can barely find any info on at all. :/ There is an auction up on ebay right now, starting out on 15$, but I haven't placed a bid because I don't want to end up buying a bootie, since I still don't really know how to tell the real deal from the replica when it comes to plush merch. And the photo is vague. Aaand the seller only ship within the US so. xD;

Is the friends plush hard to come by? I really love how tiny it seems to be. I like petite stuff.

The canvas plush is not an immediate want, but I'd really love to have the friends plush. If I know what it usually goes for, at least I could start saving up for it little by little.

I'm sorry if this post is really confusing I've been reading it through a hundred times now but haven't slept more than two hours tonight due to a snoring boyfriend is really starting to show. Going to bed now, you guys take care<3
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