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Sales Post + Auctions!

Hi community!
Today I bring you all:

(Sorry for the blurry pictures)


 I only ship to United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom

 I ship from Goodyear AZ in the United States.

 Sometimes, getting to the post office can take me up to 2 weeks at the most, because I rely on my parents to take me, so please be patient

 I will do holds but only for 48 hours, if you need more time, please tell me.

 All shipping starts at $1.95 (In the U.S.) and $3 to Canada and United Kingdom
 I am not responsible if the package gets lost in the mail

 Sales Permission granted by entirelycliche on 4/2/12

 Prices are based on the quality of the items, and popularity/rareness.



Teddiursa Jakks: $4-Loved, no Tags
Suddowudoo Jakks: $1.50-Loved, no Tags
Charizard Beanie: $2- Loved, Butt Tag
Axew and Zorua Bootie: $4.50-Comicon Booties, same condition as I bought them

Vaporeon and Jolteon Bootlegs: $3 each 

Duskull Flat Plush: $2.50- Great Condition

Japanese Kakuna and Beedrill Tomys in Packaging: $7 OBO

Flareon Attack Kid: $4
Eevee Tomy(?): $2
Eevee Figure: $1
Eevee Eraser: $1-Missing Right Ear

Salamance Kid: $1.50
Clear Wailmer Kid: $2 (Paint Rubs)
Honckrow Kid: $1.50

Open Eyes Togepi Kid: $0.50-Paint Rubs
Wartortle Kid: $1.25-Paint Rubs
^o^ Togepi Kid: $2

Deoxys Kids: $0.25 each
Or get all 4 for $0.75

Charmander Tomy: $0.50-Paint Rubs
Charizard Tomy: $1.50- Some Paint Rubs
Charmeleon Tomy: $0.50- Paint Rubs
Or get all 3 for $2

Clear Celebi Tomy: $2
Golden Gyrados (Its rubbbery): $3
Latios Tomy: $2.50-Paint Rubs

Mew and Charmander Pokemon Keychains, with out chain or Pokeball: $0.25 each
Scizor Slipping Figure: $4

Pichu Figure: $0.50
Mewtwo Roller: $1 (A bit heavy)
Arceus Jakks: $1.50 (Paint Rubs)

Castform Bootleg(?) (Says TONY on the back): $1
Claydoll Bootleg: $1.50
Sunny Castform Bootleg: $1.50

Silverquil Jakks: $1-Paint Rubs
Silverita Jakks: $1.50
Phanphy Jakks: $2

Sharpedo, Carvanha, and Donphan Waps(?): $2 each

Rice Seasoning Packets: $1 each

Water Starters Cell Phone Charm: $2
Dark Types Card Sleeve: $2
Pikachu Sticker: $1-Folded through the middle and a small hole at the top

Freebies! Only avalible with a $3 purchase or more!
Please limit your self to 3!
GONE: Bulbasaur


Shiny Espeon Plush! Starts at $1
Ok, before anyone rushes and bids on this let me just say a couple of things:
This plush was originally a Bootleg, but I painted over it with...Acrylic Paint
Yes, I know its a dumb idea, but hey, its a bootleg.
Before you bid please know that this plush is very stiff, rough, and not cuddleable.
Since I took the pictures with flash, you can't see how rough it is.
And, I am not the best custom artist, so there will be some mess ups.

Shiny Espeon Kid! Starts at $1
Ok, like I said before, I'm not the best custom artist.
As you can see by the pictures, the paint job isn't the most perfect.
The thing is that I think I added to many layers ._.
Sooo, now you can see the brush strokes and it give it a little texture xD
So just beware of what you are auctioning on :O
But, still a pretty cool shiny pokemon ;)

Thanks for looking!

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