Tits McGee (aleyina) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Tits McGee

If it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any

My goodness everyone. Trying to get all these packages out and life says NO! lol
My car has gotten 2...yes 2...flats this month. So I had to buy all 4 new tires. Finally got that settled and started packing up everyones items and BOOM! Computer dies.Not just breaks, but just says I am done. Goodbye world. I am sitting at school typing this. I hate it! If you need anything please email me at smokey560@hotmail.com. I will get it but it won't be as quickly as I used too. At least not until I get a new computer ;___; *sigh* Mine is at the shop getting backed up. Won't even get that until Friday. So once again, I'm here....just drowning in issues XD *curses*
If a GA payment is due I will pay. If I inquired about an item I will pay! Just if you don't hear from me in a day or two hang in there with me <3 ^^ This is hard for me D:

Thanks to my boyfriend, everyone's items EXCEPT pantherotter (trying to find a box big enough) and beckygirl's have been SHIPPED! Please email me or leave feedback when they arrive. Once again, please email me with any issues. I will get back to you. Slowly but surely. :)

The move went well. I have almost all my figures and plush up! Collection update soon :DDDDD You know you have too many pokemon toys when you had to make several trips to get it all and STILL couldn't bring it all with you haha. I'll have to have another collection weeding post :3 I am obsessed and love it <3

Is anyone else having problems finding pokemon conquest in their local stores? I went to kmart, walmart, gamestop, etc and everyone is cleaned out. Called a member in FL and they couldn't find it either D:! Guess I'll have to get it online
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