Benny Woolley (lucario) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Benny Woolley

Final Clearance Sale ..2

How can you have another final clearance? Well, like how there were Final Destination sequels, there's a final clearance sequel - I found a ton more stuff that needs to go when I emptied my house. Anything not sold this week will be junked or eBayed, so these are clearance prices!

Kids, plush flats and other strange goodies. Come inside for pictures! Due to some confusion with photo-taking at my parents house, there is also a digimon. Excuse it. :(

I'm even taking offers on my beloved J Franco and Sons Mewtwo Bath Figure, Wynaut plush strap, and tiny Mew collection.

Sales rules:
- I ship from the UK - non smoking household
- Haggling is OK
- Quotes do not count as "holds".
- No "holds" unless I have bought/sold with you before, or you are bidding on an auction.
- Ask for condition of items, or tags, etc. :)
- You may not use these photographs for your wants lists.
- Postage to the USA starts at $5 for 3D items. I try to make up for this with low prices!

Offers start at $15 and end on Midnight GMT Tuesday the 24th of July.
Sorry but I'd rather keep him than take less $
Kid for comparison:

Mew lot!
All or nothing - offers start at $10

Wynaut and Pichu!
Offers start at $10 - Wynaut and Pichu detach and little Wynaut's ears velcro to his apple!
it has only ever been on display, but the card has one crease.

Straight Sales below


Minun Mint with Tags - $8
Pikachu TY Beanie - $10
Dratini KFC Applause - $7

Buneary - $1.50
Mew - $15
Palmon / Patamon - $4?

Figures and toys!

Belossum TOMY and enamel charm piece (no hoop) - $2 for the pair

Anything in this photo is $1 each

Bulbasaur / Cubone / Gengar / Tepig light up pokeball - $1.50 each
Celebi / Munchlax (yellow) / Custom charms - $1 each
Ursaring Dex Charm - $3

Regice Zukan Style gachapon figure MIP - $4
Slowpoke Dome - $2
Regirock Chou / Mamoswine Chou / Marowak stamp - $1.50

Ultra Ball Electronic pokemon game - A mix between the pikachu pedometer and the old digivices that battled! $5

$1.00 each - bases supplied


Paper Pogs / TCG Coin / Latios card / two part sticker - $0.50 each
Postcard / Metal Salamence Pendant / All 3 circle stickers - $1.00
Psyduck glossy metal dogtag set - $1.50
Metal Dog Tags - $1 each or all for $5

Large Girl Badge and sticker - $1.00
Bagon Battrio (sorry for the reflection it's actually fine) - $0.50
Jirachi Badge - $0.50

Sticker lot - $1.00 all

Large French Lenticular Cards - have bio of the pokemon on the back and morph from one to another - $1.50 each
Bulbasaur - Ivysaur / Muk - Grimer / Abra - Kedabra / Gastly - Haunter


$1.50 each or 5 for $6
$2.00 - Ho-oh / Moltres

$2.00 - Articuno
Everything else $1.50 each or 5 for $6

$1.50 each or 5 for $6

Raichus / Arceus / Glaceon / Cressilia / Kyogre / Giratina - $5.00 each
Cleffa - $2.00
Tags: auction, cubone, manaphy, mew, mewtwo, minun, pikachu, plush, tepig, ursaring
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