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A Pricing Question and Little collection peek

So I've been home sick all day (I've been sick for over a month, believe it or not, and now my anti biotics are making me sick) so I decided to try to organize my collection a bit better. I found a french memo board in my closet and though it'd be a cute idea to hang charms and art on it for now ^^

I'm not one for buying custom art work, but I just couldn't resist this adorable Glaceon at animenext:

AND of course her sister Leafeon:

I'm not sure who did this artwork but if it's yours, please do say so!! I LOVE these two! I was never a huge fan of leafeon, but ever since I got one in my soul silver version it REALLY grew on me <3

This Abra sticker is also from a very talented artist at animenext. I adore Abra and never plan to use it.

This shaymin phone charm was my first metal charm like thing. It came with two in the set. I've heard it's a bootie?

This Leafeon charm just came in the mail today from Skittyfan <3 It's my first charm

And this isn't related to my memo board, but I just wanted to share her. This is Lazuli, my amazingly good quality Tomy leafeon bootleg.

And just for fun... these are my Tomy figures (a few excluded because theyre on a shelf). I have no Idea what to do with them. I've been cleaning them with windex because of dirt scuffs and paint rubs (I thought they were in better condition than this o.o but I did play with them every day when I was a kid). I have no idea where to put them all!!! (A Big thanks goes out to Ray who bought almost all of these for me. R.I.P <3)

And now on to my priceing question... I just recently discovered the Ninetales Zukan figure and the Mightyena Hasbro figure, and I think the two would look so cute together on display somewhere in my room. Does anyone know the price range for these figures? Also, the vulpix kid figure

I got these pics from google, please let me know if theyre yours and I will take them down =)

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