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Shinx Pokedoll Auction!! + small sales

Today I bring you all an auction for the most adorable Shinx Pokedoll!

I also have some small very small sales (all I can get rid of before I need more packing material, haha XD). Check below the cut for details!

Alrighty! First off, I'm auctioning off my lovely Shinx Pokedoll. This makes me sad to do - he had quite an adventure to get to me, and I really do love him, but unfortunately money is tight. I want Shinx to go to a good home where he'll be more appreciated :3

- Sales permission granted by denkimouse on 8/4/11. Feedback here
- All bids must be in incraments of $1 or more.
- No sniping!
- Only bid what you can pay!
- Bidding price does NOT include shipping
- Combined shipping on auction + sales is avaliable
- NO HOLDS. Only exception is if you are bidding and wish to add an item to your package.
- I must be paid within 24 hours of auction end, or the plush will go to the next highest bidder.
- I ship from USA and ship worldwide, from a smoke-free/per-friendly home.
- Have fun!

- This is the Japanese release of the Pokedoll.
- Tushtag only
- Very soft and squishy! Great for cuddles.
- Shinx is in excellent condition - exactly the way I got him. His only 'flaw' is some itty bitty spot of discoloration on his shoulder - I got him that way. The stain absolutely looks removable, I just don't know the proper way to get rid of it and I didn't want to mess his fur up more >.< (photo below)

(not sure why it's sideways, sorry ^^)

(I based this price on what I've seen others go for. If this seems unreasonable, please let me know!)

Bidding will end 5 days from now, Sunday, July 22, at 11pm Eastern Time (PA, USA).


**Zorua Pokedoll seen in photo above is $10.00. Tushtag only, excellent condition. SOLD


(my apologies for the blurry photo -.-; )

Aerodactyl ex: $4.50 (excellent condition, top right corner has beginnings of tiny peel)
Groudon ex: $4 (excellent condition)
Dark Dragonite (holographic): $5 (excellent condition)
- all cards come shipped in a toploader, and with several free random common cards.


-all are in excellent condition-

Absol Tomy: SOLD
Blaziken Tomy: $2.50
Scyther Tomy: $3

And that's all for today! Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions, and I'll do my best to answer them all as quickly as possible :)

Tags: absol, aerodactyl, blaziken, dragonite, groudon, pokedolls, scyther, shinx, zorua
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