Rei (badshines) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I got the collecting blues

Hi all. Not an exciting post, but I feel I've been absent from the comm for a while.

First, a small update which is probably redundant but which I'll make anyway: all packages from my sales were shipped out several weeks ago, and I expect they've all been received, but if not it's not for me neglecting to mail them. Hope they all arrived safely and I apologise again for the delays.

Now for the purpose of my post. Recently, it feels I've had terrible luck when it comes to my collection... Outbid, lack of funds, and worst of all, many lost packages; it's really put a downer on my enthusiasm for collecting. I finally hit a collecting goal of mine, to have all the metal charms of Ground-types, for most of them to become lost in the mail. Ever since then, followed by some other lost items (and an unfortunate situation which means my collection has been put into storage for a while), I've found it hard to get back my excitement.

Has anyone else dealt with similar feelings regarding Pokemon collecting? And of course, does anyone have some tips for 'recovery'? I know that a lot of you feel the same so will understand: when life goes a bit off course, Pokemon and collecting is something which keeps our spirits high, and I miss it. :(
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