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Sales Update and Auctions (also looking for a repainter)

Good morning (at least it's morning here in NY) pkmncollectors! :) First off, I have a request. Is anyone here open for kid repaints? I have a Kingdra kid that I'd like to be repainted shiny (purple). Please post a price quote and examples of your work. Thanks!

I'm holding some auctions/offers for clear and SHINY kids :). You can find those here: Auctions end Sunday, July 22nd at 5pm EST.

Auction Preview:

I also updated my main sales page with dozens of plush (mostly MPC) and hundreds of kid figures (loose and MIB, including clears). There are also keychains, zukan, settei, and other fun goodies :). You can find my main sales here:

Sales Preview:

Photobucket is having some issues so some images are occasionally failing to load. If that happens, wait a minute and refresh the page. Hopefully they fix the problem soon.
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