Katie the Spaztastic (first_mate_kate) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Katie the Spaztastic

Crochet Plushies and More!

Hey there, guys!  <3

First, just a reminder that I still have 3 slots open for commissions for my crochet plushies this summer!


If you're interested, just click the banner to go to my commission thread, which has all the information you need to know on how to order from me and all that good stuff. Please be sure to read all the rules! Prices for commissions can range from $45-60, depending on the complexity of the Pokemon. $15 is required upfront to reserve the slot and pay for materials; shipping charges are determined at the end, and I DO ship internationally.

(Also, feel free to check out more examples of my work over on deviantart.)

Next, I'd like to ask the comm a question- what do your beds look like? xD I guess this goes out mostly to you plushie collectors. I've noticed that my plushie collection has pretty much exploded all over my bed, and I'd love to see if anyone else has this (adorable and fluffy) problem, too! Here's my bed; I keep most of my pokedolls on my headboard, but the bigger ones are just piled up along the side, lol.


Let me see your beds overflowing with Pokemon goodness, too! <3
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