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Trades, wants and paypal fees

Hello! This is my first multipurpose post^__^ 


I added flaffy!! xatu, larvitar and kabuto. So pretty :)

This Groundbreakers TFGs are up for trade, mainly for elekid or sabrina tfg, but you can check my wants

My 2 big wants, from the TFG groundbreakers: sabrina, elekid.

Zukans: mostly i would like to have seadra and horsey, rapidash would be cool too. Gible i don't know if i want the zukan or the tomy.


And finally!

CARDS with illustrations of the great YUKA MORII, thanks to sorjei for the link to all yuka morii cards, so i could made a list:

I prefer to buy them in group, at least 3 cards together, im from Peru, so shipping for one card its always a thing to consider, thank you!, also i think with the new cards released there are new yuka morii cards but its not actualized on bulbapedia, if anyone know about this new yuka morii cards let me know please.

Finally, i was wondering why paypal ate a lot on fees, i never charge paypal fees because i didn't knew how to calculate them, so i check and it usually charges 2.9%+$0.30 for US residents, 3.9%+$0.30 for international, but for my country....

I did the math with some payments i recieved and it fits :S so from now on, i'll be charging paypal fees :(

Thanks for reading!!
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