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A Very Tiny Purple Kitteh Collection Update!

So, I got a package in the mail the other day from the amazing  tyltalis and this was what it contained:

Choroneko Promo Card - USE

What a beautiful and "purr"-fect promo card!! In fact, the whole entire card is foil too! To bad my silly camera could not catch the foil effect...:P

Choroneko Promo Card - USE - 2

Since this is the only item I have to show off today, let's make this post a tad less boring. Here is a pic of my Enigma Leopard Gecko, Rory with the card:

Choroneko Promo Card - USE - 3

Now that I have obtained this card, I only need 4 more Purple Kitteh cards and here they are:

042Wanted Choroneko-Liepard Cards

If you have any of the above lying around, please let me know. Yes, I am a bit picky about card condition too!!

Since part of my last eBay lot sold, I took what was left and created a new lot:

eBay Lot

Link to Pheonixxfoxx's eBay lot!

There are over 114 Pokemon related "goodies" in the mix. Just click the above link if you would like to check it out, thanks...:3
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