These Exhausted Resources (privatelyricist) wrote in pkmncollectors,
These Exhausted Resources

A wild sale post appeared

I'm going to be parting with most of my collection in the next few weeks - its actually overwhelming me, but I hope you guys are able to be patient with me both for posting out and getting back to you, as I don't want to create drama or anything. If there is any particular pokemon that you are looking for items relating to, please let me know and I'll list them first.


If there are any Lucario collectors, I have a large (half my height) Lucario for sale also. All sales will be "best offer", unless otherwise stated. I have dolls, and larger, BK plush and a whole load more items, including a lot of rare items that I bought on a crazy few months spending last year.


I'm based in the United Kingdom, so please keep that in mind when ordering anything. I will require your name, whereabouts you're based (so I can guesstimate postage), and will only be accepting paypal unless you want to visit me (which you are more than welcome to and miss out on postage, we can do whatever, you can put my mind at rest and flee just as quickly), though I don't suggest that to the younger members of this community as it'll worry parents and probably be misunderstood.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Edit: As I upload, I will be putting the page numbers rather than the photos so you can click and go to the relevent page and its Pokemon.

Page 1: Large Dragonite, General Collection [not all shown], Raikou (Banpresto UFO?), Entei (Banpresto not UFO), Groudon (Pokedoll and not).

Page 2: More of the Groudon, Palkia Pokedoll and Jirachi Pokedoll, Dialga and Rayquaza Pokedoll, Mewtwos (various), one of Lugia.

Page 3: Lugia, Custom Umbreon, Zukans

Page 4: Random other items (Zukan, Flygon [reserved for flygon], Heracross, Darkrai, Zapdos/Moltres/Articuno etc

Jon has gone to bed and will be back up tomorrow with more replies/photos

Items Sold
Dragonite - oleve...something *PAYMENT RECEIVED* POSTED*
Lugia Pokedoll - flag *PAYMENT RECEIVED* *SENT*
espeon pokedoll and celebi pokedoll - kiraras_lemon *PAYMENT RECEIVED* *SENT*
lucario pokedoll - rocketharuka *PAYMENT RECEIVED* *SENT*
Palkia pokedoll and two groudon - regen *PAYMENT RECEIVED* *SENT*
lugia and hooh zukan - mrjazzhands *PAYMENT RECEIVED* POSTED
eevee (possibly piplup) pokedolls - tortoises
entei doll - pkmn_masta *PAYMENT RECEIVED* *SENT*
dialga pokedoll - kanackering (payment due from gamecubegirl
lapras and jolteon pokedoll - gamecubegirl
[remaining lucario collection] - bergunty *DONE, requires update*
flareon and rayquaza pokedolls - almirawolf *PAYMENT RECEIVED* *SENT*
shadow lugia - sonicelectronic

EDIT: Paypal to shinodahahn at, and include your username, and the items you have ordered. If able, the link to your sale also.

I'll be back to keep updating asap. I haven't posted many today as I'm trying to get boxes the right size. 3/6/8

Reasons I would not have posted/please don't send me money yet.

Tags: celebi, deoxys, dialga, dragonite, eevee, entei, espeon, flareon, gengar, glameow, groudon, jirachi, kyogre, lapras, lucario, lugia, mew, mewtwo, palkia, pikachu, piplup, plush, plusle, rayquaza, sales, shinx, torterra, turtwig, umbreon
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