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New member intro and collection post!

Hello everyone! 
I've been collecting Pokemon since 1998, but I'm not nearly as hardcore as most of you. I mostly collect items that are directly tied into the game series, as well as the Tomys. Although, seeing all the kid figures, I've been getting really tempted to start collecting them as well. I only had one kid figure: a clear flareon. Before I found this community, I always assumed it was a bootleg, as I had never run across any others like it in my travels. 
So without further delay: my collection!

Beware: TONS of images!!

Pokemon Stadium Battle Set (CIB, including unopened Porygon trading card), Pikachu N64 (lights up!) and Limited Edition Pokemon XD Gamecube

The hub of my collection. Still need a CIB Pinball, CIB Stadium 2, Heartgold version, and some of the spinoffs (conquest, Pokepark, etc). The 2 Super Nintendo games at the bottom are repro carts that a friend made me. They're some other platforming game that had pokemon sprites added. The right one you play as pikachu, the left one, either chicorita or totodile.

Strategy guides

Promo items: Firered/Leafgreen messenger bag, Platinum Giraltina figure, Diamond/Pearl DS case, Pokemon XD gamecube skin, Pokemon Colosseum bonus disk (with downloadable Jirachi)

Some of my old posters. Most of my marketing materials were destroyed in a basement flood a few years ago. These are the pokemon ones that were salvageable. I had lots more :(

Huge 4-foot long vinyl banner featuring Rayquaza

My small, but growing Tomy figure collection

CIB unopened Japanese Tomy figures

Just showing some of the more interesting ones: box toppers, "hidden rares" and promo cards. I have tons more. My boyfriend at the time bought me a couple packs of jungle to top a gift with. He just thought it'd be cool because I liked the show. He just figured they were trading cards. Hundreds of cards and dozens of tournaments later, he found out he was very wrong :)

Playing cards. Most likely a bootleg, but still pretty cool. Different art on each card and I LOVE that cubone joker.

First run toys in suffocating pokeballs (inluding 1 unopened clefairy from the second run)

What's inside the balls! I know I have a few more of these, but I don't know where they ended up (For sure I had Mew, Mewtwo, talking pikachu and more...) I'll have to dig around at my parents' house next time I visit.

Assorted promotional material from the toy givaway. Bags from the toys, a placemat/checklist, and cards (only the first run contained the cards, the second run instead had coupons for buying the first movie)

Applause plush store display box (empty, sadly)

This year's toy set

Last year's toys and assorted other fast food toys

random other toys. The larger poseable bulbasaur is from Tomy, and I know I have a Mewtwo and a Psyduck like it around somewhere. I don't know where....possibly still at my parents' house. Will have to look for them next time I'm over. My one and only kid figure: clear Flareon. A few plush, and a remote control Cubone!

Some 2-3" figures made by me. I did all of these probably about 10 years ago (except for the vaporeon, who I made recently when a friend challenged me if I could still make them)

Thanks for looking! I hope to be a worthwhile member here!
If you made it this far, thanks for looking!

ps. does anyone know if there was an official Cubone plush?!

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