Zen (zenity) wrote in pkmncollectors,

News on our Vee Clear file GA!

Hey guys! Just an update.. (sort of..) on our GA situation, and that is that for some reason our package has not come in yet. It was sent SAL, instead of EMS, which was my fault for requesting the least expensive shipping method. :( I'm not sure if it's lost or not, but the reason I'm updating is this:

I will be going out of town starting on the 22nd of July and I won't be back home until the 10th of August or so. I had no idea the GA would take this long or I wouldn't have done it so close to my trip! Either way, while I'm gone I'll have my family keep tabs on what comes in the mail for me and if I get a package from Noppin I will contact the GA members so they'll know their items are safe. Since I won't be back for a while, if/when the package finally does come in it will be after the 10th before I can mail them out. :( I'm terribly sorry for the delay!

I'll let everyone know if anything else changes. Thank you for being SO patient!!
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