JujuFox (jujufox) wrote in pkmncollectors,

TeeFury and Sales!

Have you seen the TeeFury shirt of the day? It's only available for 10 more hours! Guy's sizes are in cream and girl's are in powder blue. Get yours before time runs out! I'm still debating whether to get one or not... I already have so many shirts! ;__;

I'm still selling two Woobat plushies, but I've moved them into my permanent sales post. Click here or the banner to go to my sales.

Also, I've made a small stock pile of the Kanto Starters, so I have some ready to ship! Check out my Etsy shop, or click on any of them items below to go straight to them.

I also have some necklaces and keychains...

And a few other things too...
Tags: bulbasaur, charmander, pikachu, sales, slowpoke, squirtle, woobat
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