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It's that time again! Giveaways!!!

Hello there again!

I came back from my small trip yesterday, and today, I have sent out everybody's packages except for one person that just sent me a new address I have to send it to. It will be shipped out tomorrow!

I have gotten permission from godudette to do another giveaways post, yes, it's time to give you freebies again and give some loving merchandise a nice and warm home! <33

First, the rules. Please read it all before you claim items. If you do not go after them and follow the instructions, it will be your fault you will miss the items you want. It shouldn't take you more than 2 minutes to read. If you will comment incorrectly, it will show you have not read the rules and adding certain information to your comment. I want to do this just so this can go as smoothly as possible and so that people understand the point of this.


- All rules apply.
- I ship from the Slovak Republic/Slovakia.
- If you get your freebies, all you pay for is shipping, packaging and fees.
- The few items on sale are not with shipping included.
- When you get yourselves some freebies, you must come back to me or pay me within 24 hours. Just a quote means that you will not claim 100% and I will just give it to the next person. After all, this is mainly not a sales post. You can inform me though that you will not come back to me within 24 hours for whatever reason.
- You can claim maximum one plush/one big keychain/other toy/kid + 3 flats.
- Conditions of the items vary, please bear that in mind. Most things are used.
- If your package gets lost or damaged, then I am not responsible for your loss and you will NOT get a refund. After all, you are not paying for the items themselves.
- This is going to be large, and I will have to pack tons of packages for this. Please give me around two to four weeks for your package to be shipped to you. After all, I have hundreds of free items available.

I am adding just a few items for sale, in case anybody is interested and wants to combine shipping. If sales items get lost, I will not be responsible for those either. They won't be that expensive either, so please understand that. Also, no combining shipping with GA items please. Also, do not claim items for profit!!! This is very upsetting for me to see. In your comments section, add your small password, it's "grass snakes"! I want this to be added, so that I know that you have read my rules carefully and we can go through this smoothly. I am reusing some old photos I have taken from the GA I ran just now. Thank you for reading and you can proceed now! =D

Read them? Then go claim some items! <33

All of these are free!

Burger king boxes - I still have some left!

Various plush! Ask me what's available, but Onix and Togepi are gone for sure.

Various BK toys, squirters, etc! Ask me, what's available, most should be there except the the Poli squirters.

Keychains, kids, etc! Ask me, what's available.

Some rollers! Ask me, what's available, I know that Chikorita and Feraligatr are gone for sure!

Most of these guys are available! Ask me for availability! 

Puffy stickers! Ask me, what's available.

Various flats! Ask me, what's available.

Various flats! Ask me, what's available.

Various flats! Ask me, what's available.

Lenticular flats! Ask me, what's available.

Various flats! Ask me, what's available.

Ask me, what's available.

Ask me, what's available.

 I also have these bunch of stickers. There are mostly Pokes from Gen 1, 2 and 4, but a few of 3 as well. Ask me, if there is any, and I will look for you. I can tell you though there are a few human stickers from Johto, and no vees and other popular Pokes. 

And now to a few items for sale!

Leftover glow in dark Ensky magnets! Big ones are 2$ and small ones are 1$ each.

Retsuden magnets are 1$ each and I have single card sleeves for sale! Each card sleeve is 0.50$!

That's all, thank you guys! It's really late here, so I will go to sleep soon!
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