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Two plush and one sculpture slot up for auction!

Hey everyone! Seeing as how I wanted to have a couple plush to work on before school starts in September and there is only a little over a month remaining until then, I am offering two custom plush slots and one custom sculpture slot for auction. :D
All of my plush are one of a kind and will not be reproduced, and I do not take commissions for them, so this would be a good chance to get an original plush by me if you are a fan of my work. <3


There will also be one sculpture slot up for bidding as well. :D
Please click either picture to get to the auction page if interested. <3


Here are some bigger examples of some of the plush from my banner:

Regular and shiny Swablus! Approximately 6" tall.

Sitting Gloom plush - 4" tall!

Proportionate Ampharos plush! Sits at 15" tall. <3

As for my sculptures, here are a couple examples of my capabilities:

Owl launcher. :D

Luxray & sleepy Darumakka

Zuruzukin sculpture

Playtime with Smeargle & Ditto

All of these sculptures are between 3"-5" tall/wide! There will be one slot for a pokemon of your choice in that range. :)
Scenery, accessories, and anything like that can be added in moderation. ♥

I have a few examples and a bit of information here, but if you're interested in bidding please click one of the banners as the auction is going to be held in my journal. There is also a countdown timer in the auction post to help keep track. ^_^

Thanks and happy bidding everyone. :D

Also a side note: I'm still waiting on a couple payments from my metal figures auction (payment 2), so please pay asap if you haven't already. <3
Tags: ampharos, custom, ditto, luxray, noctowl, plush, scraggy, smeargle
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