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Summer Break Gets + Collection Update

I like only ever post get posts.. like twice a year but HERE WE AREEE! Summer I love you. 

Lucky me, a college frand went to visit Japan and got to go to one of the pokemon centers and GRABBED ALL THIS KYOOT KRAP oh my god. And we met up in LA while attending/tabling at Anime Expo!

photo 2 (1)

+Unfortunately, my love, the Viciti Pokedoll was outta stock but now Mijumaru is mine! EHEHE
+CANDY TINNNS I WIll never eat the candy inside >3<
+and all these little keychains, I WISH I HAD 9 CELLPHONES. Or something.  You can't see them too well here, but there's the shinx line, zorua line, and shaymin one!

photo 3 (1)
+I guess I forgot to rotate.. but I got this lovely mug as a gift from another friend participating in Anime Expo's AA! COLLEGE MUG.
photo 4
photo 5
+aannnnd collection update! I really don't collect anything besides just pokedolls, and all the cards, but here we are. The product of 3 years of endless ebaying, several trips to nyc, 1 trip to epcot (well, getting my friend going to epcot to help me buy..), some lucky thrift store finds, and of course, the sales I found through pkmncollectors!

I'm almost 20, this is probably not ok... 

photo 1 (1)
(I hope this isn't too disturbing) And finally, this group of pokemen stopped by my booth at least half a dozen times.. so i had. to take the pic YEA.. I want that leafeon hat! afkj

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