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Massive Collection Weeding!! and mini collection update :D

A follow up to my previous plush weeding sales I come with round 2! Some rare pokedolls such as Bidoof, Landmin and the 2007 standing Shinx canvas are going up for offers! I'm also unfortunately weeding out my side side collection of pokemon dogs so there's charms and kids and pan stickers of them in my sales as well along with me giving up my side collection of Shelgon. Here is a preview pic of all the plush!

Also a mini collection update under the cut!

Here's an overview of my main collections!
The pokemon I collect currently are:

Rotom (Heat form)Rotom (Fan form)Rotom (Mow form)Rotom (Wash form)Rotom (Frost form)

I try my best not to collect too much from any one generation but G5 is just so awesome, and merch is readily available so I find myself falling for a lot of the pokemon. XD Maggyo is currently a Pokemon that may sneak up on my into a side collection, but I am trying my very best for it to not happen... I'm also considering axing out Wailord as a collection cause as you can see, all my other collections dominate and I don't have the shelf space! I would like to keep my main collections limited to one shelf so we'll see how it goes.

Also I apologize beforehand for the terrible pix and lighting, I used my phone and forgot to open the blinds XD"
And none of the collection close up photos include plush because they all reside in my plush tower :D or flats/cards because I forgot to take photos of them XD

Wails! I currently only have the attack kid, pencil topper, stickers, and an MIP charm set + loose charm.

Fire puppies! Not sure if you guys remember but I had the long lost package of my Arcanine UFO that went AWOL for several months and made me give up hope on these guys and was considering giving them up entirely until it decided to show up one day and resparked my determination to collect em once again :) I have to say I'm surprised by how much my collection has grown thanks to the community :D Unfortunately when I was beginning to give up my collection I sold my Arcanine metal swing keychain and keep missing out on them since so if anyone has one for sale please let me know!

Dark knights! Unfortunately Bisharp has very little merch so there is not much to collect even though it's one of my absolute favourites from BW! I will most likely collecty Pawniard too just to make up for Bisharp's lack of merch.

Electric zebras!! My photo cut off the 2011 charm sets but they are there! :) Like most of the comm I am very fond of these zebras and I am so glad I was finally able to get my hands on the chupa figure! It's super detailed, tiny, and awesome :D

And finally...

ROTOMS!!! My main collection! Electric is my favourite type, closely followed by ghosts so when this little guy came out it was just a dream come true! Though I have to admit the first time I fell in love with Rotom was when I was playing my Pokemon Pearl game and he pops out of a TV at you all mischievous like! <3 My favourite form would have to be Cut Rotom but honestly I love them all!! Rotom has a surprising amount of merchandise and I am still missing so much but I am so thankful for the comm for getting me this far :D

Here's my second shelf and a half of Pokemon merch that just wouldn't fit! It's cramming in with my kpop shit but its mostly just extra charms, stamps, flats, games, and various trainer merchandise that I collect so I guess technically I have side collections of N, Cheren, and Red hahah.

An overview of it all! I love my Zebstrika & Cynthia posters :D

My plush tower! And this is AFTER the weeding so you can only imagine what it was like before...I kept my canvas collection since they're so small and lightweight but weeded out the majority of my Pokedoll collection (that excludes pokemon I collect of course!). I'll probably have to weed some more for the I Love Eevee campaign but I don't know much I can let go DX

Here's my current desktop set up and you can see my Canvas Loon chillin on the table. I've also become very fond of practical Pokemon goods and I currently have the blue Poketch, Pika date counter, and some mini desktop trash cans XD

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