Rin (leyluna) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A collection website and something... silly + summer photo contest disappointment

So I googled "Define: Minky" because I wasn't sure what the exact definition of it was (and I was bored), I just know that it's a super soft material that pokedolls are made out of. I will not link my findings here, as it is inappropriate, but if anyone wants to venture to urban dictionary and look it up... You'll have a nice laugh. (specificly #8)

Anyway, I finally managed to compile my collection on to a website, but it's still being updated a lot because, well, I have a lot more plush to add. ^^' Click on the cut for the website and rainy day pictures of my plush

 I also have a wants list, etc. http://petmyskymin.weebly.com/

On another note, I'm so disappointed! I was going to go out and take a photo for the summer fun contest entry, but it's pouring rain, and I don't think Kanon, Bayleaf, Lazuli, and Raiden want to go out in this mess. So here's a picture of them all hanging out at home together:
Bayleaf, Lazuli, Kanon, and Raiden (in order) playing cards ^^ (I have no idea what game they're playing, they made it up.)

This is not my entry. Just some photos for fun

Thanks for reading and looking =)

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