heatrotomftw97 (heatrotomftw97) wrote in pkmncollectors,

July Set Kids and BW6 Card Sales

I totally forgot I had these on order. XD I leave the country July 28th and will not be back until Worlds 2012 ends (August 12-13), so I will put these up for straight sale now. Please comment below for a shipping quote! :D (Feedback Here)(Granted Sales Permission in 2009).

5 Black Kyurem $7
2 White Kyurem $7
3 Meloetta Aria $7
4 Cryogonal $7
2 Rufflet $7
3 Ferrothorn $7
4 Whirlipede $7
2 Basculin Blue Stripe $7
5 Keldeo Resolution $7
2 Pikachu $6

Also, cards from the newest Japanese set. Under the cut.

Vileplume $2.50, Charizard $3, Zebstrika $2.50, CresseliaEX $12, Scolipede $2.50, Landorus (Therian)EX $12, ACE SPEC Crystal Wall $5

Tangrowth 2.50, Blastoise $3, Scizor $2.50, Ditto $2.50, Stoutland $2.50, ACE SPEC Crystal Sword $5 (Sold: KeldeoEX)

Prices don't include shipping. I have these in hand and they will ship by July 26th. Please comment below for a shipping quote. Thanks guys! Hope to see some people at worlds!
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