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Zukan GA #3

Hello Everybody,

I have decided to start another zukan GA. I am getting extremely addicted to collecting these. I wanted to offer this GA to everybody in the community. This GA will be a quick one, bidding will end soon, and I will post a countdown timer soon. You have roughly less then 30 hours to get your bids in. 

Screen Shot 2012-07-20 at 12.08.18 PM

There are many rare zukan in this lot so do expect there to be competition. I will be claiming Swampert and Koffing lines for $25-$35, and I might decide to bid on one of the zukan in this lot. There will be three payments because I will be using Noppin to purchase the zukan. The seller states that they are in used condition. So Bid at your own Risk. 

Each Zukan will start at $5

  • I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 3/02/12
  • Here is my feedback:
  • All Community Rules Apply:
  • Feedback will be given to you once the transaction has been cleared on both ends. Meaning you received the package, and I received the payment
  • I accept payment only through Paypal, and in USD
  • Shipping Rates will be around $3-4 for people living in the United States, please note that these rates can change based upon where you live, or the size of the package
  • I am willing to ship internationally, but please be patient with me because I do not know the rates for every country. I'll make visits to my post office to get quotes, or call them.
  • I am not responsible for any lost packages
  • I have the right to refuse service based upon negative feedback etc. 
  • I ship from California
  • I live in a house with two dogs, but they don't go in my room, which is where all my plush are located.
  • The days I plan to ship is either Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. It will be shipped out within a week, or two from the day I receive payment. I will make an effort to get them shipped out sooner. 
  • Bid on your own risk
Here's the Sellers description

Item Details
Thank you for visiting. To prevent trouble, please have a look at the last minute.
Color shift due to aging, also available a small wound.
I checked, there might be differences between Paul and stockout etc.
When overlooked, please forgive me.
Is the last in the Middle Ages. Planted for your understanding, so you can Bid, I hope.
minutes away figures available after dismantling, will pack.

Countdown Timer is Right Here

All Threads Are Up! 

Start Bidding!

Tags: group auction, zukan
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