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Sales + Dittochu figure auction

I have a Surprise Pokemon Flippo Collector for straight sale and a Dittochu Tomy up for auction!
Also, some more pogs and figures.

pokemon sale 003pokemon sale 006

~ I got sales permission from Lineaalba January 8th 2010
~ I only accept paypal
~ I ship anywhere in the world from the Netherlands
~ All prices are in US Dollars
~ I reuse package materials. Therefor I don't charge anything for shipping materials.
~ Please make an order of at least $1.00 total
~ Shipping starts at $1.11 (€0,79) in Europe, $1.33 (€0,95) everywhere else. (up to 20g)
~ $2.66 up to 50g - $3.99 up to 100g (Worldwide)
~ I use €1,00=$1.40 to calculate shipping
~ You are allowed to haggle, or make an offer!
~ Feedback:
~ Old feedback:

Auction Dittochu Tomy figure
Some scratches and paint rubs, as to be seen in the pictures.
Starts at $8.00
Auction last for 3 days.

pokemon sale 003pokemon sale 004
pokemon sale 005
There are 45 see-through pogs in this set. The orginally came from Lays chips with a sticker. The stickers are not included, however, all 45 pogs are included! As you can see, there are pen scratches on the album. To see all pogs in this set, look here: 
Look at the bottom of the page at surprise pokémon flippo.
$25.00 shipped anywhere!

pokemon sale 009pokemon sale 010
Pikachu Tomy (small paint rubs) $2.00
Togepi candy figure $3.00
Psyduck candy figure $2.00
Poliwhirl candy figure $2.00
Meowth keychain figure (no keychain) $2.00
Marill strap $2.00
Bidoof strap $3.50
Pikachu (very very bad condition!) $0.50
Munchlax stap $2.50

pokemon sale 001pokemon sale 002
See-through pogs with stickers on the back. (most are MIP)
To be clear, the first picture is the front, the second picture shows the sticker that is on the back.
$2.00 each!
Arcanine x5, Rapidash x1, Umbreon x4 and Houndoom x3.
Houndour sticker is with glow in the dark!

last pokemon sales 005
Postcards Mint
Pikachu - Poliwhirl - Ditto - Snorlax $1.00 each
Charmander - Charmeleon - Charizard - Mew - First 151 pokemon $2.00 each

last pokemon sales 008
Change image pogs $0.25 each

last pokemon sales 009
See-through pogs (without sticker) $0.25 each

last pokemon sales 010
Change image pogs $0.25 each
Thick pog Misty (2x) and Gary $1.00 each

roeien 021
Only sold as a set! $8.00

Edit: Question; what kind of magic eraser do you recommend? How much do they usually cost? Do they take out all paint rubs? thanks ^^ 

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