I'm Search Man, okay? (wilyfungi) wrote in pkmncollectors,
I'm Search Man, okay?

hello again! and lots of plushes

Hey everybody, long time no see! I have been busy with the pokemon TCG and just started putting off my attention to plush/toys...and suddenly it has been a year and a half! I made the top 16 at pokemon VGC nationals, and the winning plushes reminded me that I needed to get some plushes sold :) Hopefully some of you can remember my silly avatar, but if not that is okay.

This is not a sales post as I did not want to just start selling right out of the gate, and I also wanted to get some pricing help. I am so out of date that I really cannot remember exactly what anything is worth either pokemon plush or zukan wise. It would help me out a ton if you guys could tell me what here might be worth more than $20? All I really remember is that Swampert used to be about $50! I know that they started reprinting some things, so I am a little lost as to where pricing has gone in general for pokedolls.

For zukans could you guys just let me know - have prices generally stayed the same since a while back, risen, fallen? I have a TON of those and can sort of remember what was high (Raichu at $50-70, Dragonite at $50-80, Pidgeot at about $100, Eevees anywhere from $100-200) and what was low (Blissey line at about $8, stuff like that). I would keep some of the Zukan if prices have cheapened significantly, which is why I did not photograph them yet. All of the plushes are definitely going to be for sale regardless of exact pricing.

Also are Flareon/Jolteon Jakks still floating around $50-60 each? I have those two and would definitely like to sell them if the price is still that high.

Sorry for such a meandering post, I would rather do fixed price posts than auction or offer posts though, so I figured if I could get some good information I could avoid having to do those!

(for any moderator who cannot remember who I am, please do not be concerned...I have run large sales posts before, and already talked to godudette to let her know I intended to return, past feedback here
http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/5132873.html?thread=130311753#t130311753 )

legendary pokedolls!

other awesome pokedolls!

woo eeeee oooo UFO Banpresto!

Thanks for any help anybody :) and I hope to get to know you guys really well again, I regret having checked out for so long.
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