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The case of the missing Zukan + a suggestion.

Hello fellow PKMNCollectors,

the first part of this part of this post is mainly targeted at those of you who collect Zukan figures and live in Europe or the U.S.A. I want to ask if you saw any new Zukan in stores recently, and by new i mean anything after DP10/Regigigas Edition? I know not all Zukan released in Japan get released over here, but with the release of Black and White one year ago i expected new releases. I also checked the information provided through their page, but it only goes up to DP10 and the newest releases are not even Pokémon-related. Were they suddenly discontinued? I hope someone here has more information for me. And where i am at it, photos are also greatly appreciated, thank you very much.

And now the second part, who should be targeting all PKMNCollectors. I think questions about merchandise, be it about identification, legitimacy or distribution pop up fairly often here. In most cases, there is a consensus developing in the comments, who generally points you in the right direction. But, we have more expierienced and less expierienced collectors here. In order to honour the dedication of the first and to help the latter, i would like to start something like the Professor Program in the TCG, just for Pokémon collectors, which should involve a test. The term Connoisseur or Connoisseuse would be good, as it is used in official material and would provide a fitting description. It should be not meant to seperate members, but before i go into detail i want to know about your thoughts and suggestions.
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