Youngster Joseph (youngsterjoseph) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Youngster Joseph

Need Advice? + BIG GET!

Hey everyone, this is Youngster Joseph checking in! Today, I need some advice. I got an envelope in the mail recently with a Collectors purchase from a fellow member. I had ordered a flat, a kid, and a figure. However, when it got here, only the kid and flat were inside. The envelope appeared unopened and was untorn. I sent this person a message a week ago when the package got here, and I know their life has been hectic, so I understand. They had a hard time getting it out in the first place.

Now since two of the things were in there, I'm not really looking to dispute (I made payment 36 days ago, anyway). I'm just wondering what I should do? It doesn't appear to have been lost in shipping, in which case a loss is a loss, but if it was never shipped...? I'm just looking for some advice, it's no big deal. Not a particularly rare figure or anything, just a little one. xD''

NOW ON TO BETTER NEWS!! I got a great, big, awesome, superly spectacular RATTATA LOT from the fantastic kriscarmi! I want to thank her so much for this awesometastic opportunity to expand my collection. I was really looking forward to it.

Now, I am ALSO looking for some help in IDENTIFYING some of the things I have here! I don't have photos cause my camera is all MIA, but here's a video of me opening the package and showing it all off. :3 Ends a bit abruptly due to kitten shenanigans, lol~

To end this, I might be a little slow on responses for awihle - I just got my wisdom teeth out yesterday. and the drugs make me quite drowsy. xD My apologies, I'll respond whenever I am awake. See you next time!!

Tags: raticate, rattata
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