Hebi/Lea (hebilea) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Pog GA!

Hello there!
First thing, there are still a lot of plush, figures and so many other things that need your love and a home! I have still so much stuff left, so do claim away! All you have to pay is shipping, packaging and fees! <3

And secondly, I am going to do a fast pog? (not sure what they are, but they are thick) GA on these guys, there is a little more than 16 hours left!


- This lot is on Noppin, this means 3 payments must be made, if we win this lot, 1 is for the items + shipping to Noppin, 2 is for shipping form Noppin to me, and 3 is for shipping from me to you!
- All will start at 1$ each!!
- Please bid in increments of 1$ at least!
- No sniping please!!! Anything bid in the last 5 minutes will be extended by 5 minutes after the GA!!
- NO DELETING OF BIDS!!! My E-mail will watch you carefully, if you do that, negative feedback will be left!
- I will be claiming the Snivy on the far left side and Servine with blue background for 4$!!
- Once I will ask for payments, you have to pay me WITHIN 48 HOURS! If you won't pay, NEGATIVE will be left!!! Serious bidders only! NO EXCUSES!!!!
- Other community rules apply!
- This lot will be going on until Sunday, July 22nd at 3PM European time, which is around 9AM EST!!! Countdown timer:
- I was granted sales permission by dakajojo 2nd of March, 2011 and my feedback can be found here:

Here is a bigger picture!

All threads are up, you can bid away!! =D

Sorry guys, we lost this GA....there was quite a bidwar going on on these guys, and I was outbid in the last few minutes...(not to say the prices rised up like mad)
Tags: group auction
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